Ultimate Nutrition-Prostar 100% Casein Protein 5 lbs

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About Prostar 100% Casein Protein:

Prostar® 100% Casein protein powder is the ideal combination of moderate-tempo hydrolyzed casein (2–4 hours digestion time) and gradual-release micellar casein (4–7 hours digestion time) to steadily shuttle amino acids to fatigued muscles over long stretches of inactivity.

Each 33-gram serving (2 scoops) contains 24 grams of protein, 9.9 grams of EAAs, and 4.6 grams of BCAAs

Prostar Casein is perfect for taking at bedtime, or with breakfast on rest days, to provide optimal muscle protection. In addition to being a rich source of calcium (60% RDI per serving), Prostar® 100% Casein Protein is also a fine source of naturally-occurring proline (healthy joint/tendon support), tyrosine (elevated mood), and serine (fatty acid metabolism). It mixes instantly in milk or water for a great-tasting shake and contains no sodium caseinate. 

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