Ultimate Nutrition - ISO Sensation 5 lbs

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  • 93% Protein Per Serving
  • Glutamine complex
  • Optimizing insulin metabolism can support the muscle-building process
  • These ingredients are effective in improving insulin efficiency and sensitivity
  • Contains 98% IsoChill Whey Isolate

Ultimate Nutrition ISO Sensation 5 lb Chocolate Fudge assists in the prevention of breakdown of your muscles.For rapid results, this supplement provides support to facilitate easy digestion.This supplement is loaded with sweet whey , membrane filtered and spray dried by indirect heat, which aids in ensuring highest quality product with rapid results.This supplement leads to enhanced lean muscles as it assists in increasing insulin activity.Ultimate Nutrition ISO Sensation Chocolate Fudge is packed with 100% ISO Chill whey protein isolate, which comes processed by a novel ultra-low temperature micro-filtration process and provides help in the muscle building process.