PROQUEST-Weight Gainer-4.4 lbs

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PROQUEST-Weight Gainer Milk Chocolate 4.4 Lbs
  • 20 Serving
  • High protein content
  • Instantly soluble
  • Optimum calorie intake
  • Digestive enzymes blend


Proquest Weight Gainer,is an advanced weight gainer formula with 4005 kcal and 60g protein. 210g of carbohydrate provide the body with the much-needed material to restore muscle glycogen that has been used up during exercise. Proquest Weight Gainer comes packed with Whey Protein and Caseinates, which is superior to any single-protein source, for sustained time-release nutritional support. A complete source of protein means it will help you to enjoy faster lean muscle gains and rapid recovery post intense workouts. This supplement comes packed with 19.5g of required fats that aids in rapid weight gain. Digestive enzymes blend aids in 3 times faster absorption and action. Proquest Weight Gainer also contains 6.3 g of fiber for improved digestion.

Best Before May,2019

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