PROQUEST-Mass Gainer Milk Chocolate 4.4 Lbs

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PROQUEST-Mass Gainer Milk Chocolate 4.4 Lb

  • Proquest Weight gainer, Milk Chocolate contains 416 Kcal per serving and 20g protein.
  • Loaded with protein blend consisting of multiple sources of protein - Whey and Caseinate proteins. Containing 20g of protein/scoop. For faster lean muscle gains and quicker recovery after workouts.
  • Weight Gainer comes loaded with Blend of Digestive Enzymes, which helps in proper digestion and absorption
  • Optimal calorie intake, which supports faster weight gain
  • Certified By 1. National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) 2.Milk Specialties Global 3.FSSAI 4.Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)



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