Proquest Low Calorie Shake

by fitnesstrends
Sold out
Rs. 2,364.00
  • 30 Serving
  • High protein content
  • Instantly soluble
  • Glucomannan for weight loss
  • Creamier and tastier

Proquest Low Calorie Shake is a deliciously satisfying meal replacement formula created to help you lose weight, safely and effectively by replacing one of your daily meals. Each serving of Proquest Low Calorie Shake offers maximum of 204kcal along with 250ml skimmed milk as compared to 950 calories of a regular meal. 21.25g of fast acting Whey Protein along with 4g of fibers in Proquest Low calorie shake helps keep your tummy full. scientifically proven fiber Glucomannan contributes to weight loss. Proquest Low Calorie Shake provides 13 vitamins and 14 minerals with wholesale nutritional benefit exceeding a regular meal.

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