MVP Biotech BCAA Vibe Glutamine X3 , 275g

by fitnesstrends
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Rs. 2,190.00
  • 50 Servings
  • Prevents muscle breakdown
  • Promotes healthy muscle mass
  • Muscle tissue growth and repair
  • Anti – catabolic amino acid
  • Select ratio 2:1:1:1.
  • Muscle breakdown Inhibitory agents

Glutamine is known to promote anabolic conditions in muscle cells and increase the rate of protein synthesis. It was long thought that glutamine was indirectly responsible for this anabolic state. It now seems that glutamine indirectly promotes growth by increasing the hydration state of muscle cells.When glutamine levels are high in muscle cells, this stimulates the entry of other amino acids into the cell. Amino acids cannot directly enter the cell but must be carried in by a special transport system. The unique thing about this system is that when it allows an amino acid to enter, it also allows sodium to enter.When a person trains intensely they will start depleting their muscle glutamine stores before they have fully recovered from their previous workout. The result is that each day the amount of muscle glutamine gets a little lower. The more a person trains, the more glutamine they use and the greater the catabolic response.

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