HF Series Signature Whey Protein – 2Kg

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HF Series Signature Whey

HF Series Signature Whey Primarily Focuses On Making A Whey Protein Blend For A Perfect Post Workout Drink Or A Mid Day Smoothie Or Even A Late Night Indulgence. Blended With Whey Isolates As Primary Source Along With Whey Protein Concentrates To Provide A Complete Blend Of Whey Proteins As Superior Source Of Protein. Available In 6 Mouth-Watering Flavors It Gives A Tough Competition To Many Of The Peer Brands In The Market.


  • HealthFarm Whey Protein Plus is manufactured using Whey from the United States and delivers 24g of protein per 62 serving
  • Whey Plus is the most cutting-edge whey protein we have ever developed. Our advanced flow – volume blending process produces ultra-pure whey concentrate, which is rapidly absorbed to help your muscles recover from training.
  • Guaranteed Protein Certificate from a 3rd party lab (NABL accredited) makes it the most authentic product available in the market
  • This whey protein has been hydrolyzed, or broken down into strings of amino acids called peptides, for even faster absorption than standard whey!*
  • An effective dose is the amount of an ingredient that has been shown to deliver results. Some supplement brands add a sprinkle of an ingredient just so they can say it’s in the product.
  • Trendy, flash-in-the-pan ingredients come and go. But time-tested, gym-proven ingredients are what you need to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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