GNC-AMP_Gold Serious 100% Whey Protein Advanced

by Fitness Trends
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  • Supports lean muscle-building to an extent not seen before: Gnc amp gold contains our fastest acting lean-muscle building protein with the lowest levels of cholesterol, sodium and fat
  • Preserves muscle glycogen stores: Increased bcaas play a pivotal role in preserving muscle glycogen stores - the major fuel that the muscles use for energy production
  • This gives your body a source of energy to employ whilst working out and prevents it from breaking down muscle protein for energy instead supports a healthy metabolism
  • Prevents muscle loss as you grow older, the amino acids l-cysteine and leucine aid in averting the depletion of muscle
  • Former helping to combat deficiencies resulting from old age and diabetes, suppresses hunger pangs by making you feel full quicker, say goodbye to midnight cravings and excessive snacking