Evolved Nitra Bay – Premium Protein Blend 4.4LBS

by Fitness Trends
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Evolved Genetics Nitra Bay is a premium protein booster supplement that enhances muscle recovery and aids lean muscle growth. The mixed berries flavor is a must-have treat for your endless hustle. Evolved Genetics Nitra Bay offers a superior and premium blend of protein, which is an instantaneous release of whey protein isolate hydrolysate. 


It is loaded with glutamine and amino acid which in turn controls and regulates the release of the egg and the whey protein facilitates muscle recovery two-three hours post-workout. This unique combination of Evolved Genetics Nitra Bay gives you an immediate time-release recovery mechanism that serves as a boon to those who have intense workouts. Nitra Bay is the ultimate post-workout protein that will support and increase the rate of protein absorption, advances muscle recovery, and promulgate lean muscle gains.

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