Domin8r-Elite Hydro Whey-2Lb

by Fitness Trends
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It redefines the limits of protein supplementation .Low temperature filtration techniques remove fat and lactose and filter out the denatured proteins and ash residue that can remain in ion-exchanged whey.They also isolate and concentrate the all important bioactive whey fractions ,including the cellular growth factors and the immune enhancing glucomacropeptides which are not found in ion exchanged whey protein.

Each scoop supplies the highest biological value protein developed yet,rich in the anticatabolic branched chain amino acids and fortified with silk amino acids ,L glutamine and BCAAs for maximum Nitrogen retention.Elite Hydro Whey is the ideal low fat ,low carbohydrate ,superior quality whey protein supplement ,designed for bodybuilders , athletes and other health conscious persons.

Date of Mfg 25/08/2018

Best Before 18 months from the date of Mfg