Animal Whey Isolate Loaded, Flavour Chocolate, (Serving 33.7g),

by Fitness Trends
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  • OADED WITH WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE: Animal Whey protein powder is made up of the highest quality protein sources and that starts with the first source being whey protein isolate. Fast absorbing and very bio-available
  • PACKED WITH DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: Not only is Animal Whey loaded with isolate protein and full of high quality protein sources, but it also has the added benefit of digestive enzymes to help you get the most out of each scoop
  • AMAZING TASTE PROFILE: Animal Whey is formulated not only for an amazing taste but it also mixes easily and smoothly in your drink of choice. No chunks, great flavor, no stomach bloating. Nothing but high quality protein powder
  • HIGH QUALITY MUSCLE FOOD: Animal Whey is fast absorbing and has a clean profile to help you reach your nutrition and fitness goals. If you are packing on weight or cutting calories, Animal Whey isolate loaded whey protein powder can get you there

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